Monday, November 5, 2012


These are all Free to join Safelists (Credit Based Mailers)

- Get access to 1000's of FREE Credits
- All of them have a signup bonus or promo codes you can use
- All these lists are FREE to join so have fun with it

These are the lists i personally use they work well for me

Maybe you already have some of them, maybe you don't... ''Check It Out Now''


Viral Inbox
Viral Inbox is a Marketer-Friendly mailbox make as many email adressen if you like plus you can read mails for credits and use them to reach 1000's of targeted members

If you are looking dor quality mailer that wil get your ads seen,
State Of The Art Mailer is one of the best
Click Five Links, Gain A Mailer!


Hotspot Mailer
Get Unlimited Email Ads

Free member you can reach up to 1,200 members everyay
Profitable Email Marketing

Adz Quik
2 solo ads 2 banners 2 traffic links
Promo code: - new2quik

Daily Talk Ads
offering you $98 in Free Advertising
Promo Code: - dailytalkadz

Free Traffic Master
Click here to get Free Traffic Master

Global Safelist
Free solo ad email advertising Credit Based Mailer Limit of every 3 Days for
FREE Members. Great package for upgraded members

My Instant List
7,000 credits 6 banners 2 text links
Promo Codes: - newmember - IPL92210 - infinity


Safelist Pro
Claim your FREE Credit Package of 10,000 Credits and Mail 10,000 People

Target Safelist
Target Safelist Delivers Guaranteed Targeted Traffic for FREE!
Promo Code: - newmember - For 5000 FREE Send Credits!

The Traffic Secret

Viral Ads Unleashed
Viral Ads Unleashed

Viral Url

Worldlist Pro

Sign up for your free membership and receive $300.00 worth of advertising right now
Members: 1550
Promo Code: - newmember - to get 20.000 mailing credits

Get Your FREE Lifetime Pro Upgrade, $10 Sign Up BONUS, 25,000 Credits, 5 HotLINKS
3 Traffic Links – 1 Solo – 1 SoloBUCKS – 5 List Solos
Promo Code: - New Member -

Daily Credit Mailer
Mail Up To 5,000 Members Every 24 Hours!

As a Free member, you can email 500 members and 1000
extra members using your credits.
$100 in Great Advertising
Promo codes: - newmail - newmember

Express Safelist
Sign Up For FREE and recieve a FREE Pro Upgrade as well as have
a $10 BONUS Added to your Commission Account
Promo code: - New Member -

Fash Cash Mailer
Is a brand new and fast growing list builder with great results

Free Safelist Mailer
Grab a $10 Sign Up Bonus! After signup you go to “Promo Code Redemption”
Promo Code: - 10DollarsFree -

10,000 Mailing CREDITS Sign Up Bonus!

Hercule List
Free memberx will be able to send your ad to a random 1500 Herculist
members per week 750 members every 84 hours
Leads, Leads, Leads!

List Shock
Simply Earn Virtual cash by clicking
every free member get $2 Virtual cash

Free members are allowed to send up to 3000 random members once everyday. You will get 10,000 credits just for joining

Max Mailer Pro lets you do things that no other viral mailer can.
Mail how many you want whenever you want,even if you are a free member

My safelist Mailer
10.000 credits to start as a free member, you can send over 4000 every day
Upgrade to Pro Membership and receive 25,000 credits to start 10,000 every month and mail out 6 times a day - Free & Paid Credit Based Safelist Advertising

Rus Hour Traffic
1500 Sign up Credits, you can send every 3 days
promo codes: - 12B0D62fc7 - for 500 bonus credits

Safelist XL
Safelist XL is a CREDIT based mailer limit of 2 mailings per day.
Get your 30.000 signup credits for FREE
Members: 7400

Supreme Solo Ads
Your email goes to your entire downline and As a Free Member,
you can email up to 500 extra members
Members: 5731
Promo code: - NewMember - to get $100 Of FREE Traffic

Viral Ad Store
You Can Automatically send to 500 member plus send 1500
Members: 4632
Promo Codes: - outbreak1000 - outbreak2500 - myviralbuilder -
listeffectsoto - njstraffic - JULES2000

Viral Nugget
Claim Instant Advertising And Also Mail 6,000 Random
Viral Nugget Members Every 3 Days
Promo Code: - XSCASH - VNROCKS
Unstoppable Flood of Viral Traffic!

is one of the most powerful mailing systems!
25.000 Sign Up Credits
3901 Free members 1074 paid members

P.S. If a promo code is not working feel free to leave a comment so i can change it!

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